How to use the Garmin Approach R10 with Onform

Using version 3.0.4 and newer allows a user to directly connect to a Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor using Bluetooth. Assuming you have already paired the device to your Garmin App there is no need to do another Bluetooth pairing.

Next, open the camera within a library of a student or the All Files Library, then swipe to change the camera mode to 'LAUNCH-MONITOR'. The Onform app will begin looking for the R10 and connect in a few seconds as you can see below:

Next, position the camera from any angle, either on a tripod or simply hold it if you are using it to film another person, and when the golfer swings, the app will auto capture the swing to its own video clip, playback the swing in slow motion, and wait for the next swing. Ball data is captured directly on the video as shown on the screenshot below:

You can auto capture as many swings as you wish and tap the data-bar to open up and select any metric for display... enjoy!

Summary: Using the R10 is a fantastic way to capture 9 data points of information per swing, and it triggers the camera recording for you automatically during practice. You'll get these metrics when using the R10:

  • Ball Speed
  • Back Sping
  • Club Attack Angle
  • Club Face Angle
  • Club Path Angle
  • Club Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Launch Direction
  • Side Spin

Note that the R10 does not report carry distance as this is a computed metric not provided by the R10 through it's connection to Onform.

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