How to use the Multi-cam feature to record multiple camera angles simultaneously

With Onform version 3.1.0 we have released an amazing new feature that allows users to simultaneously record up to 4 angles of a single action using mulitple iOS devices. The new Multi-Cam feature brings the ability to capture down-the-line and face-on angles in golf on the same swing. It can be used with any sport where you are interested in seeing an athlete's action from multiple angles. Other uses include dual angles while performing a bike fit or running stride analysis, open-side and catcher view of a pitch or swing in baseball or softball, or even one angle of an archer and another on the target.

Using Multi-Cam is easy. Because the feature does NOT use the cloud, rather, it directly sends video captured by auxiliary devices using a wifi network (but not the internet), it's very fast and can visualize dual angles which are time-sync'd and displayed as a side by side video. Recording duration is limited to 15 seconds when using Multi-cam mode. However, you can customize the recording resolution and FPS and shutterspeed on each device as needed to accomodate for different lighting conditions and speed of multi-cam sync.

Before getting started, ensure that you have the Local Network permission enabled, accessed by opening Onform, tapping the 'circle-dot' icon on the Home screen, tapping on Onform Settings -> Privacy and ensure Local Network is on:

Next, make sure you have both devices on the same wi-fi network and that they are logged into the same Onform user account. Next, change one of the devices camera modes to 'Auxilliary'. In the image below we've used an iPad for the auxilliary device and chosen the AUXILLIARY-CAM mode.

Next, on the primary device, in our case, an iPhone, simply go into the camera mode of choice, here we're using the auto-detect for golf, but any mode can be used.

Note that on the iPad (image below) it now says 'Paired with iPhone', and on the iPhone (image above), a preview window shows the view of the secondary device.

Now that the two devices are linked, simply use the primary device to record a video. Once the video is completed, it takes a few seconds to transfer the auxilliary video from the 2nd device to the primary, then tap on the recorded thumbnail to see the video with both angles side by side, automatically time-sync'd as shown below:

After completing a recording session, each video thumbnail which has multiple angles shows a new icon.

You can use up to 3 auxilliary devices to record video, but the playback only supports showing two-angles side by side. You can switch angles by tapping the 'Linked' button and then tap on the 'angle changing' icon.

This short video demonstrates the initial setup:

This feature is part of a forthcoming PRO version of the Coach subscription but is offered for free until the Summer of 2024. Please give it a try and let us know how it goes, enjoy!


If you're having issues getting the devices to pair or when you record, you're not seeing both angles, it's possible that your wi-fi network is preventing the feature from working properly. Try using a hotspot on your iPhone and connect the iPad to the hotspot network. In this configuration, your iPhone must be the 'primary' device. Also note, using the hotspot is a great way to connect the devices when out of range of a wi-fi signal.

Note: To use Multi-cam, you will need all devices on the same wi-fi network and each device must be logged into the same Onform account.

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