Connecting to the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

Watch this summary video or follow the step by step guide below:

The first step to connecting Onform with the KIT is to ensure you have the Full Swing App installed on the device which you are also using with Onform. Launch the Full Swing app and connect with the KIT. Tap on the blue bar 'Start Practice Session' as shown below:

Next you'll need to connect with the KIT to register it's ID number on your device. Tap the '+' button (or after the very first time you connect, tap the 'connect' button) and this will connect the Full Swing App to the KIT.

Now that the bluetooth ID number is registered on our device, you won't be required to connect the Full Swing App to the KIT when using Onform, you can simply open Onform and connect to the KIT directly. However, it's a great benefit to run both apps at the same time if you'd like. Note that you will need to change clubs in each app as you are practicing.

Once paired, you'll see a confirmation screen and you are now connected.

At this point, you can start the Onform App and select a golf student, tap on Library and then open the camera and change to the LAUNCH-MONITOR mode and you should see it very quickly find and connect with the KIT:

After a few seconds it will display a "Ready" message as below:

Tapping on the "circle-dot" icon next to the Full Swing KIT Ready message will open a settings menu where you can change your mode for Outdoor, Screen or Net, as well as turn on Normalized or Actual data.

After setting your environment the KIT will process the command and be busy for a few seconds.

Lastly, you can select your club by tapping the club selection icon in the screen and this will tag each swing with the club for future reference as well as inform the KIT of the club so that its data is as accurate as possible. You can customize your club selection to match your bag by tapping the '+' icon in the top right corner of the club selection screen.

Next is the fun part! Because the KIT knows when you strike the ball, each swing is auto captured with no interaction from the user. Just point the iPad or iPhone at the student and the KIT will tell Onform each time a swing occurs and it will capture a perfect clip of every swing and save it to the Library.

Tapping the data tiles at the top reveals the full list of 16 data points available. Select any 4 to be displayed.

When using the LAUNCH-MONITOR Mode you can also use our MULTI-CAM feature to simultaneously capture down the line and face-on angles of a swing. Please check out our article for using the Full Swing KIT with Multi-cam.

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