Recording Modes for iPhone and iPad

Onform supports several camera recording options including:

Manual Recording

Just like the built-in Apple camera, the Onform camera uses a simple start and stop button to activate the camera. You'll need to first navigate to a Library in order to see the start/stop button, either tap on 'Library All Files' or add an individual workspace ('+' button at the top of the Home screen) and then you just tap it to start and tap again to stop.

One-Tap Recording

When you don't know the exact timing of the action that you want to record, one-tap is an amazingly useful recording mode. For example, if a golf coach asks their student to take a swing, it might take 5-10s before the student actually swings. Using manual mode would result in a 10-15s long video since the recording has to start immediately in case the student swings quickly.

With One-tap, the record button is tapped at the moment the action happens, for example, when the student impacts the ball. There are two configuration options with one-tap: "pre-tap duration (xx)" and "post-tap duration (yy)". That is, when you tap the record button, the app actually goes back in time xx seconds and merges it with yy seconds of live recording, resulting in a video that is xx+yy seconds long.

Auto Detect

This mode uses AI to detect a golf swing, baseball swing or baseball pitch and automatically records the motion, saves the video as its own clip, optionally asks you how it went and uses voice dictation to update the video title with your comments. Then your video is played back in slow motion automatically for review. In addition, the app will continue watching the subject so you can continue making swings and each swing is captured to its own video clip.


With Multi-Cam recording, coaches can now effortlessly capture multiple angles simultaneously, offering that 360-degree view that was previously impossible. Multi-cam makes it possible to review video footage from every angle, allowing coaches to make even the smallest tweaks to their athlete's form.

You can use a second (or third or fourth) iPhone or iPad as an auxiliary camera, wirelessly linked to the primary device. It doesn’t matter whether you're analyzing a golf or baseball swing, pitch, or any other movement, the immediate side-by-side review gives you a holistic view, enabling you to better analyze your athletes. Learn how to set it up here.

Launch Monitor

Onform integrates with the Full Swing KIT and Garmin R10 launch monitors. Our latest integration with Full Swing ingests 16 points of ball & club data from every swing directly into the Onform app. The recording mode can be used with multi-cam, and all of our other analysis tools like slow motion playback, side-by-side comparisons, and more. Learn how to set up your Full Swing KIT here.

Bluetooth Trigger

This mode uses an optional Bluetooth trigger button to remotely start and stop the camera. Once the trigger is paired with the phone you can simply tap the button to start and stop the camera. You can also double-tap the bluetooth shutter button to pause the recording and resume the recording.

Voice Activated

When you first install Onform and open the camera, you'll be prompted by an Apple security question to allow access to the camera and microphone. You will also be asked to allow speech recognition. You can double check that this permission has been set to 'on' by going to Apple Settings App -> Onform -> Speech Recognition.

Using just your voice while in manual or one-tap mode, you can say:

  • "Start recording"
  • "Stop recording"
  • "Pause recording"
  • "Resume recording"
  • and while you are actively recording, you can say "delete" to not save the current recording.

Apple Watch Camera Remote

Using your Apple watch with a paired iPhone, you can use the Onform watch app to remotely control the camera in each of its modes. You can also review the captured video directly on your wrist.

Onform Apple Watch App  which works as a camera remote
Onform Apple Watch App

When using the watch by yourself in auto-detect mode, it also helps get into the proper position when recording by showing you when are properly framed by the iPhone. This is very useful when using the rear facing lens while the iPhone is set on a tripod behind or to the side of the subject.

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